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Clients come to us from all over the Midwest

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal has helped many people looking to remove unwanted tattoos in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. Our clients take great comfort in the fact that Dr. Bein is the board-certified doctor providing their treatment using state-of-the-art Astanza Trinity laser technology.

This advanced technology targets the color pigment and shatters the pigment as part of the removal process. It is more protective of the skin than previous treatments. Healing takes approximately six to eight weeks.

Here you’ll also discover a professional, courteous staff who are only concerned with delivering quality care and efficient tattoo removal in a safe medical environment. We start with a confidential professional consultation. We discuss your options and what you can expect. We answer your questions and describe both the risks and benefits associated with your procedure.

Unique care for unique tattoos

Bear in mind that there is no consistency in the tattoo artist community or in the inks and methods used. This affects the outcome and number of laser treatments you will need. Since each tattoo is unique, due to different inks, artists and depths of tattoos, it is difficult to accurately estimate the total number of treatments you’ll need for complete removal.

Because each client’s problem is unique, we tailor removal techniques and the number of treatments to suit each client’s specific needs. Whether you want full or partial removal or lightening of your tattoo, Clean Slate Tattoo Removal has the experience and dedication to meet all your needs.

Learn more about the latest tattoo removal technology. Call Clean Slate Tattoo Removal at 314-993-8233 or toll-free at 866-626-8346 or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation.

I have been to other tattoo removal centers where I endured a lot of pain and had some post treatment scarring. It looks as if my skin was burned. When I came to see you I was treated so nicely. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The tattoo I was having removed was very colorful and it took 3-4 times before it finally faded away. Thank you so much for treating me with respect during these visits. ~M.J.